Inspector’s training and influence on the quality of inspections. An overview of training organization in EU


  • Emilio Gil Department of Agri Food Engineering and Biotechnology - Unit of Agricultural Machinery - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Esteve Terradas, 8 - 08860 - Castelldefels (Barcelona)


Inspector’s training represents one of the most important factors affecting the effectiveness of the process. It is important to guarantee a well-trained inspector to offer a clear, objective and useful service to the farmers. But not only inspector’s training is important for the success of the global process. In order to guarantee a good dissemination of the knowledge, CHAFEA (Consumers, Health and Food European Agency) launched BTSF training courses (Better Training for Safer Food) focused on inspection and calibration of pesticide application equipment. This paper shows the experience and results after 12 three-days training courses where more than 400 official stakeholders have been trained.
Great differences have been observed in the last years in the organization, contents and procedure of the inspector’s training at different EU members. In order to have an objective overview of the situation, a survey was conducted among all the EU members, through more than 200 attendants to BTSF training courses. Results will be presented in this paper.