Human behaviour and application of residual insecticides to control storage and food industry pests


  • V. Stejskal Crop Research Institute, Drnovska 507, Praha 6, CZ-16106, Czech Republic. Email:
  • R. Aulický Crop Research Institute, Drnovska 507, Praha 6, CZ-16106, Czech Republic



We measured the individual variation of the area-estimate of simple geometrical patterns (circle, rectangle) in ten people. We found that they tended to underestimate (max. 5 x) the correct area of the tested geometrical patterns. Consequently, we explored how the insecticides Ficam 80WP, K-Othrine 25, and Actellic EC50 are robust or sensitive to the measured extent of over-dosage (2x) or underdosage (5x). We also tested the effects of incorrect dosages of insecticides applied to porous filter paper nonporous glass and bioassayed with adult Sitophilus oryzae and Tribolium castaneum. We found that the tested insecticides were surprisingly robust to under-dosage on the glass surface but sensitive to under-dosage on the porous paper surface.

Keywords: Pesticides, Insecticides, Residual treatment, Dosage, Human behaviour






Section: Residual Insecticides - Synthetic and Botanical