Dust explosions: A report on recent major explosions in Argentina and Brazil


  • R. D. Hajnal TMSA Group Brazil / Bulktech Argentina, Rosario, Argentina, Email: robertohajnal@bulktech.com




In South America, grain elevators have not been exempt from dust explosions. Between 2001 & 2002 there were three major dust explosions, TOEPFER, Puerto San Martin (Argentina), San Lorenzo Terminal (Argentina) and COINBRA, Paranaguá (Brazil), with both great loss of lives and material. This presentation has three specific targets:
1. Explanation of how each of these explosions occurred.
2. How local industries reacted to prevent future explosions and reduce their severity.
3. Reinforce safety issues offering new perspectives on the explosion threat.
In Argentina and Brazil, due to this recent explosion frequency, there is a bigger industry alert on the hazard of grain dust explosions. We will see specifications and regulations to guide the building new facilites. Facilities must be kept thoroughly clean; dust control systems must be installed and up-graded, together with the installation of adequate electronic hazard monitors which add higher levels of security. I hope this article will help prevent future explosions by alerting and reminding the industry of the need to reinforce safety issues and standards.