Suppression of the population of <i>Lasioderma serricorne</i> in stored tobacco by relocation of warehouses to cooler areas.


  • T. Imai Leaf Tobacco Research Center, Japan Tobacco Inc.; Oyama, Tochigi 323-0808, Japan.



To suppress populations of cigarette beetles, Lasioderma serricorne, during winter, domestic tobacco warehouses in Japan have been relocated since 2004. Warehouses located in warmer tobacco-cultivated areas were closed, and new ones were constructed in places where the daily mean temperature is below 5ºC for over 70 d per year, a value chosen based on lethal low temperature conditions determined under constant laboratory and fluctuating field situations. In 2008, with relocations almost complete, the total number of beetles captured in pheromone traps in all warehouses had decreased by 98% compared to the 2001-2002 levels. Domestic tobacco production and the number of warehouses were reduced by 40% during the time.

Keywords: Lasioderma serricorne; Cigarette beetle; Tobacco warehouse; Low temperature; Winter survival