Using aeration and insulation to reduce grain temperature in China grain warehouses


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Reducing grain temperature is a safe, effective and economic way to minimize damage to grain. It suppresses the activity of all life forms in a grain storage ecosystem. As a result, it stabilizes the grain during storage, reduces loss and keeps freshness. We conducted trials on grain storage facilities (2800-8000 t) in Tianjin, China. The technologies are based on the following factors: the characteristics of local climate (cold dry winters and hot humid summers), large scale storage structure and grain special requirements. Based on these factors, the researchers devised comprehensive and targeted solutions. For example, the insulation of existing large flat top storage was increased, by using various insulation materials in exterior roofing, interior ceiling, walls, vents, windows and doors, using efficient yet economic insulation material in new storage construction. In winter, we used ventilation by natural and forced aeration to maintain low temperatures. In summer, we used insulation and cooling to achieve temperature control. The technology can effectively reduce grain losses and maintain quality by reducing grain respiration, insect and microbial activities. At the same time, it reduces and avoids chemical pollution, protects the grain and the environment from pollution. It achieves low grain loss, low environmental impact, lower cost; high grain quality, high grain nutrient and high efficiency. It is becoming a new direction in scientific grain storage.

Keywords: Temperature controlled grain storage, Tianjin, China