Nr. 463 (2018): Proceedings of the 12th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection (IWCSPP) in Berlin, Germany, October 7-11, 2018

Edited by:
C.S. Adler, G. Opit, B. Fürstenau, C. Müller-Blenkle, P. Kern, F.H. Arthur, C.G. Athanassiou, R. Bartosik, J. Campbell, M.O. Carvalho, W. Chayaprasert, P. Fields, Z. Li, D. Maier, M. Nayak, E. Nukenine, D. Obeng-Ofori, T. Phillips, J. Riudavets, J. Throne, M. Schöller, V. Stejskal, H. Talwana, B. Timlick, P. Trematerra

Vol. I                ISBN: 978-3-95547-065-4             

Vol. II               ISBN: 978-3-95547-073-9

Veröffentlicht: 2018-11-12

Session 1: Food Security and Challenges to Stored Product Protection

Session 2: Biology, Ecology and Behavior

Session 3: Detection and Monitoring

Session 4: Engineering for Stored Product Protection and Pest Prevention

Session 5: Physical and Biological Control

Session 6: Fumigants, Controlled Atmospheres, and Hermetic Storage

Session 7: Contact Pesticides, Residual Products, and Plant Extracts

Session 8: Postharvest Management and Extension in Developing Countries

Session 9: Integrated Pest and Resistance Management

Session 10: Microbiology, Food Safety, Quarantine, and Regulatory Aspects