Climate change and viticulture - a quantitative analysis of a highly dynamic research field

W. Marx, R. Haunschild, L. Bornmann


In this study, we analyzed the newly emerging research field of climate change in combination with viticulture. Our analyses have two objectives: First, the overall publication output and the growth of research on climate change and viticulture is presented and analyzed. We developed a sophisticated search query to cover the relevant literature as completely as possible and to exclude irrelevant literature. The time evolution of the publications of the research topic as well as the most contributing journals and countries of authors, and the major research areas are presented. Second, most important publications in the historical context of this field are identified. Both analyses are based on a carefully selected publication set of 1039 papers (articles, reviews, and conference proceedings) dealing with the implications of climate change for viticulture. The results reveal that the number of papers published per year dealing with climate change and viticulture shows a strong increase: Since around 2000, the number increased by a factor of ten, whereas in the same time period the overall number of papers increased by a factor of around two. We identified 14 citation classics which include fundamental early works of viticulture with a weak connection to climate change and more recent works with a stronger connection to climate change.


climate change; viticulture; citation analysis; RPYS

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