JKI Data Sheets - Fruit Varieties

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JKI Data Sheets - Fruit Varieties

ISSN: 2195-6510


Dr. Georg F. Backhaus, President of the Julius Kühn-Institut

Managing Editor

Prof. Dr. Magda-Viola Hanke, Head of the Institute for Breeding Research on Fruit Crops, Julius Kühn-Institute

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Focus and Scope

The open access series “JKI Data Sheets – Fruit Varieties“ includes original papers on fruit varieties developed from the breeding program of the Julius Kühn Institute. The varieties descriptions provide information about parentage and origin of varieties and their suitability for production. Furthermore, the characteristics of these varieties are given in details, for tree growth, flowering and fertilization, fruit ripening and yield as well as for fruit traits and utilization. Particular importance is attached to resistance to biotic and abiotic factors. The varieties descriptions will be useful for commercial growers and home gardeners.

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