Form and Function


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Changing invaders: the evolution of alien rodents on islands
Alexandra A.E. van der Geer, Mark V. Lomolino

Body size and craniometry of the herb field mouse in the context of a geographical clines
Linas Balčiauskas, Albina Amshokova, Laima Balčiauskienė, Ana Maria Benedek, Jan Cichocki

Evolving teeth within a stable masticatory apparatus in Orkney mice
Sabrina Renaud, Ronan Ledevin, Louise Souquet, Helder Gomes Rodrigues, Samuel Ginot, Sylvie Agret, Julien Claude, Anthony Herrel, Lionel Hautier

A morphometric mapping analysis of mice molar morphology
Wataru Morita, Naoki Morimoto, Hayato Ohshima, Jukka Jernvall

Functional morphology of the cochlea of the laminate-toothed rats (family: Muridae, subfamily: Otomyinae)
Aluwani Nengovhela, Peter J. Taylor, Christiane Denys, José Braga

Torpor in dwarf hamsters, Phodopus campbelli and Phodopus roborovskii: a comparative study
Anastasia M. Khrushchova, Nina Yu. Vasilieva, Olga N. Shekarova, Konstantin A. Rogovin, Dmitry V. Petrovski

Seasonal features of humoral immune response to T-cell dependent antigen in palaearctic hamsters (Rodentia, Cricetinae)
Ekaterina V. Kuznetsova, Natalia Tikhonova, Natalia Yu Feoktistova

Penial and bacular morphology of mammals - what it can reveal about their owner?
Sylvie Horáková, Jan Robovský

Body weight regulation in small rodents a matter between predation risk and starvation?
Rita I. Monarca, Maria L. Mathias, John R. Speakman

Molecular evolutionary inferences of recent biological innovations in mice and rats
Sreyasi Biswas, Eslam ElShahat, Michael H. Kohn