Rodent Behaviour – Session 1


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Individual movement: personality–dependent spatial ecology of free-ranging bank voles
Annika Schirmer, Antje Herde,, Jana A. Eccard, Melanie Dammhahn

The effect of animal personality on virus transmission in Mastomys natalensis
Bram Vanden Broecke, Joachim Mariën, Christopher A. Sabuni, Ladslaus L. Mnyone, Apia W. Massawe, Herwig Leirs

Movements and spatial overlapping of rodents in natural environment
Isabel Elisa Gómez Villafañe, Malena Maroli, Belén Crosignani, María Victoria Vadell

Personality drives interactions with wildlife detection devices, based on perceptions of risk and reward
Kyla C. Johnstone, Clare McArthur, Peter B. Banks

Individual variation in cognitive styles affects foraging and antipredatory strategies in a small mammal
Valeria Mazza,,, Jens Jacob, Melanie Dammhahn, Marco Zaccaroni, Jana A. Eccard

Problem predators: can odour habituation reduce impacts of “rogue” rats on birds nests?
Catherine J. Price, Annabel Ellis, Peter B. Banks

Domestic cats and dogs create a landscape of fear for pest rodents around rural homesteads
Themb'alilahlwa Mahlaba, Ara Monadjem, Robert McCleery, Steven R. Belmain

Behavior of Rattus rattus (Linnaeus, 1758) around self-resetting traps
Markus Gronwald, James C. Russell

Influence of predator and plant chemical cues in the exploratory behaviour of the house mouse
Carlos Grau, Patrick Pageat

Communicating fear: the role of alarm pheromones in a bank vole
Marko Haapakoski, Alwin A. Hardenbol, Kevin D. Matson, Thorbjörn Sievert, Hannu Ylönen