Rodent Behaviour – Session 2


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Cooperation among female house mice (Mus musculus domesticus) – a case study on social selection
Barbara König

Rats provide help based on their need of their partner
Karin Schneeberger, Gregory Röder, Michael Taborsky

Sex and reproductive state discrimination – are they innate or learned? Dwarf hamster species as a model
Nina Yu. Vasilieva, Irina Yu. Kolesnikova, Anastasia M. Khrushchova

Habitat characteristics and species interference influence space use and nest-site occupancy: implications for social variation in two rodent sister species
Claire M.-S. Dufour, Guila Ganem, Neville Pillay, Nico L. Avenant

Burrow system architecture and use by Thomas’ pine vole, Microtus thomasi (Rodentia: Arvicolinae)
Eleni Rekouti, Pavlos Avramidis, Sofia Spanou, Stamatis Vougiouklakis, Sinos Giokas, George P. Mitsainas

Formation of reproductive isolation in hamsters (Cricetinae) in allopatry
Alexey V. Surov, Natalia Yu Feoktistova, Maria V. Kropotkina, Ekaterina V. Potashnikova, Anna V. Gureeva, Ekaterina V. Kuznetsova

Oxytocin regulates aggressive behavior in nucleus accumbens in great long-tailed hamsters
Xiuping Sun, Lixin Yan, Nan Zhang, Zuoxin Wang, Mingjing Song, Zhibin Zhang