Rodent Management - Session 1


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Reducing rodent damage to rice in Cambodia through ecologically-based rodent management approaches tailored to local conditions
Alexander M. Stuart, Parameas Kong, Rathmuny Then, Rica Joy Flor, Khay Sathya

Identification and potential uses of spatial patterns for predicting pest species outbreaks
Deon Roos, Constantino Caminero Saldaña, Beatriz Arroyo, Francisco Javier Rojo Revilla, Xavier Lambin

Basic urban services as modifiers of rodent abundance in Brazilian urban slums
Ticiana Carvalho-Pereira, Hussein Khalil, Caio G. Zeppelini, Ricardo L. Brito, Federico Costa, Michael Begon

Bait attraction may not be the same as bait consumption
Mattias Engman

Deter to protect: use of predator’s odor smell to deter granivorous rodents from consuming acorns
Adrian Villalobos, Fredrik Schlyter, Göran Birgersson, Gert Olsson, Johanna Witzell, Magnus Löf

Rodents on pig farms: infestation levels related to environmental factors and management practices
Daniela P. Montes de Oca, Martín N. Lammel, Regino Cavia

The occupancy of barn owl in artificial nest boxes to control rice field rats in Yogyakarta Indonesia
Sudarmaji, Nur 'Aini Herawati

Biological control of urban rats in the World Heritage town of Luang Prabang, northern Laos
Thomas Jäkel, Prasartthong Promkerd, Rasmy Sitthirath, Pierre Guedant, Phongthep Virathavone, Yuvaluk Khoprasert

The impact of rodent management on rice yield in lowland irrigated areas in Indonesia
Nur 'Aini Herawati, Sudarmaji

Reducing impacts of rodents on the post-harvest value chain in rice-based cropping system in Myanmar
Nyo Me Htwe, Pyai Phyo Maw, Grant R. Singleton

Adoption pathways of ecologically-based rodent management in Myanmar
Nyo Me Htwe, Pyai Phyo Maw, Grant R. Singleton

Ecologically-based rodent management 20 years on - progress, challenges and where next
Grant R. Singleton, Alexander E. M. Stuart, Peter R. Brown, Jens Jacob

Integration of the landscape of fear of rodents in EBRM methodologies
Inge M. Krijger, Steven R. Belmain, Grant R. Singleton, Peter W.G. Groot Koerkamp

Rodent trapping grids are sustainable for long-term landscape suppression of invasive rat (Rattus rattus), but not mouse (Mus musculus), populations in Hawaii
Aaron B. Shiels, Clare E. Aslan, William P. Haines, Asa Aue, Christina T. Liang

Ecology of rodent pests in lowland irrigated rice fields under alternate wetting and drying conditions
Ma. Renee Lorica, Grant R. Singleton, Steven R. Belmain

Status of rodent pests in rice eco-systems in Sri Lanka
Sarathchandra Siriwardana Rampalage, Nyo Me Htwe, Lionel Nugaliyadde, Siril K. Hemachandra, Chathurika J.T. Jayasinghe, Malala Aloka Bandaralage Bandaranayake R. B.