Phylogeography - Session 1


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Colonization and speedy speciation of an island invasive
Sofia I. Gabriel, Jeremy B. Searle, Maria da Luz Mathias

The chromosomal variability of lesser blind mole-rat populations (Nannospalax, Spalacinae, Rodentia) in Greece
Efthimios Assimakopoulos, George P. Mitsainas

Adaptive phylogeography of bank voles in Europe – what can the genome tell us?
Michaela Strážnická,, Silvia Marková, Jeremy B. Searle, Petr Kotlík

Ecological divergence and species response to climate change: niche modelling in the bank vole
Marco A. Escalante, Michaela Strážnická, Jeremy B. Searle, Petr Kotlík

More insights in the evolution of edible dormouse from the old growth Hyrcanian forests
Morteza Naderi