Phylogeography - Session 2


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Ethiopian rodents - extremely diverse, endemic and endangered
Josef Bryja,, Yonas Meheretu, Radim Šumbera, Ondřej Mikula, Leonid A. Lavrenchenko

Biogeography of small mammals in south-western Angola: the first genetic evidence
Jarmila Krásová, Ondřej Mikula,, Josef Bryja,, Ninda Baptista, Radim Šumbera

Comparative phylogeography of the Mongolian region based on its mammals
Tereza Holicová, Hermann Ansorge, Davaa Lkhagvasure, Jan Robovský

Genetic structure and origin of remnant red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris L.) populations in the south of England
Emilie Hardouin

Collagen fingerprinting of Late Pleistocene rodents
Jeremy Herman, Michael Buckley, Muxin Gu, Juho-Antti Junno, Christiane Denys, Andrew Chamberlain