Population Dynamics - Session 1


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Long-term dynamics of voles and lemmings in Finnish Lapland: importance of community approach
Heikki Henttonen

Rainfall and changing population dynamics during a long-term CMR study of Mastomys natalensis in Tanzania
Herwig Leirs, Lucinda Kirkpatrick, Joachim Mariën, Vincent Sluydts, Loth S. Mulungu, Christopher A. Sabuni, Apia W. Massawe, Rhodes H. Makundi

Transient and seasonal drivers of population demography and virus transmission in rodents
Lucinda Kirkpatrick, Joachim Marien, Herwig Leirs

Population cycles in a hibernating rodent
Emil Tkadlec, Jan Losík

Towards a metastability approach: outbreaks of mice in Australia
Paola Correa, Derek Corcoran, Sergio Estay, Peter R. Brown, Mauricio Lima