Population Dynamics - Session 2


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Multi-scale density-dependent dispersal in spatially structured populations
Xavier Lambin, Chris Sutherland, David Elston

Coupling agent-based with equation-based models to study spatially explicit megapopulation dynamics
Patrick Giraudoux, Nicolas Marilleau, Christophe Lang

The Bruce effect revisited: is pregnancy termination in female rodents an adaptation to ensure breeding success after male turnover in low densities?
Jana A. Eccard, Melanie Dammhahn, Hannu Ylönen

The long-haired rat (Rattus villosissimus): an ecosystem disrupter in arid Australia
Chris R. Pavey, Catherine E. M. Nano

The role of food availability in life history traits and population dynamics of the edible dormouse (Glis glis) in pine dominated forest
Zbigniew Borowski, Kateryna Fyjałkowska, Anna Tereba, Aleksandra Tadeusiak

Does anticipatory reproduction exist?
Victoria A. Vekhnik, Vladimir P. Vekhnik

Small mammals in montane forests: not where, but when?
Ana Maria Benedek, Ioan Sîrbu

Breeding versus survival: proximal causes of abrupt population decline under environmental change in a desert rodent
Andrey Tchabovsky, Ludmila Savinetskaya, Elena Surkova

Habitat preferences and spatial distribution of lemmings in western Taimyr
Igor Yu. Popov

The linkage between Melocanna bamboo flowering and rodent outbreaks: an empirical study from Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh
Nikhil Chakma, Noor Jahan Sarker, Steven R. Belmain, Sohrab Uddin Sarker, Ken Aplin, Nazira Q. Kamal, Sontosh Kumar Sarker, AID-Comilla

Population dynamics and breeding patterns of multimammate rat (Mastomys natalensi, Smith 1832) in semi-arid areas in Tanzania
Emmanuel C.M. Mlyashimbi, Marien Joackim, Akwilini J. P. Tarimo, Didas N. Kimaro, Moses Isabirye, Robert S. Machang'u, Mashaka E. Mdangi, Rhodes H. Makundi, Herwig Leirs, Loth S. Mulungu

Effects of stream proximity on trails of Cuniculus paca: a 20 year survey
Jose M. Mora, Eduardo Carrillo

It’s a trap: effective methods for monitoring mouse populations in Australia
Peter R. Brown, Steve Henry, Roger P. Pech, Jennyffer Cruz, Lyn A. Hinds, Nikki Van de Weyer, Peter Caley

Study on the evolutionary ecology of small herbivorous mammals: life history strategy of plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae)
Haiyan Nie, Jike Liu