Rodent-Borne Diseases


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Review of hosts of Lassa virus in west Africa
Elisabeth Fichet-Calvet

Phylogenetic analysis and prevalence of Lassa virus in multimammate mice within the highly endemic Edo-Ondo hotspot for Lassa fever, Nigeria
Adetunji Adesina, Akinlabi Oyeyiola, Stephan Gunther, Elisabeth Fichet-Calvet, Ayodeji Olayemi

Manifold implications of host species diversity on parasite occurrence: a community perspective
Hadas Hawlena, Irit Messika, Hadar Kedem, Mario Garrido, Snir Halle, Qunfeng Dong, Clay Fuqua, Keith Clay

Bacterial parasite communities of the fossorial water vole Arvicola terrestris during a period of high abundance: richness and similarity in a dynamic world
Petra Villette, Eve Afonso, Geoffroy Couval, Aurélien Levret, Jean-François Cosson, Patrick Giraudoux

Parasites of urban rodents representing sanitary risk in La Plata city, Argentina: an example of the Latin American situation
Bruno Fitte

Helminth communities in synanthropic rodents of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Diego Hancke

Towards understanding the role of small mammals in the transmission of Lyme disease in Virginia, USA
Robert K. Rose, Laura Bitzer, Wayne Hynes, Holly D. Gaff, Robyn Nadolny, Jory Brinkerhoff

Connecting the dots: linking Yersinia pestis seroprevalence in rodents and shepherd dogs to flea abundance in western China
Kong Yang, Teng Qi, Wei Liu, Fan Li, Limao Wang, Bastiaan G. Meerburg