Workshop Rodent-Borne Diseases


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Ecology of Puumala hantavirus in Europe
Heikki Henttonen, Liina Voutilainen, Eva Kallio, Jukka Niemimaa, Tarja Sironen, Olli Vapalahti

Review of leptospirosis carriage in rodents worldwide and identification of key host species and knowledge gaps in the Asian-Pacific region
Vincent Sluydts, Nyo Me Htwe, Pyai Phyo Maw, Sarathchandra Siriwardana, Sudarmaji, Grant R. Singleton, Jens Jacob

Leptospirosis in Madagascar: the epidemiology of multiple Leptospira species in diverse host communities
Sandra Telfer, Mark Moseley, Soanandrasana Rahelinirina, Voahangy Soarimalala, Steve Goodman, Stuart Piertney, Minoarisoa Rajerison

Bornaviruses as “novel” zoonotic pathogen
Martin Beer

The role of rodents in tick-borne viral diseases with special emphasis on tick-borne encephalitis
Gerhard Dobler

Network “Rodent-borne pathogens”: looking into the rodent reservoirs
Rainer G. Ulrich

Who is the reservoir of Monkeypox? Work in progress
Anne Laudisoit, Erik Verheyen, Mare Geearerts, Tosca Van Roy, Pascal Baelo, Guy Crispin Gembu

Optimal control model for rodent-borne leptospirosis in Salvador, Brazil
Hussein Khalil, Amanda Minter, Federica Costa, Michael Begon

Identification of potential endemic rodent hosts for zoonotic pathogens in South Africa using network analyses
Dina M. Fagir, Ivan G. Horak, Eddie A. Ueckermann, Heike Lutermann

An interdisciplinary approach to reduce leptospirosis in two slum communities in Salvador, Brazil
Ricardo L. Brito, Whitney A. Howell, Yeimi A. A. Lòpez, Hussein Khalil, Caio G. Zeppelini, Ticiana Carvalho-Pereira, Michael Begon, Federico Costa

Assessing the effect of native forest replacement by exotic plantations on Andes hantavirus infection in wild rodents from central Chile
André V. Rubio, Fernando Fredes, Javier A. Simonetti

High disease transmission risk from occasionally synanthropic rodent reservoirs
Frauke Ecke, Barbara A. Han, Birger Hörnfeldt, Hussein Khalil, Magnus Magnusson, Navinder Singh, Richard S. Ostfeld

Dynamics of Leptospira and Tula orthohantavirus in small mammals: impact of landscape and biodiversity
Christian Imholt, Kathrin Jeske, Rainer G. Ulrich, Jens Jacob

Temporal changes in rodent density and climatic factors as ecological drivers of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) within a natural endemic foci
Valentina Tagliapietra, Roberto Rosà, Mattia Manica, Heidi H.C. Hauffe, Daniele Arnoldi, Fausta Rosso, Chiara Rossi, Heikki Henttonen, Annapaola Rizzoli