Conservation and Ecosystem Services


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Small mammal responses to farming practices in central Argentinian agroecosystems: the use of hierarchical occupancy models
María D. Gomez, Andrea Goijman, José Coda, Vanesa Serafini, José Priotto

Native rodents are the main seed predators in areas representing distinct phases along an active restoration process in a neotropical savanna
Jessica L. Santos, Isabel B. Schmidt, Emerson M. Vieira

Research progresses on seed-rodent interactions in China
Zhibin Zhang

Effects of insect-infestation on rodent-mediated dispersal of Quercus aliena: results from field and enclosure experiments
Bo Zhang, Zijun Shi, Xiaoning Chen, Xiang Hou, Jing Wang, Jingang Li, Gang Chang

Estimation of benefits and losses of seed scatter hoarding behaviour by rodents in a subtropical forest: implications for the evolution of mutualism in seed-rodent systems
Haifeng Gu, Qingjian Zhao, Zhibin Zhang

Seed size effects on seed dispersal and predation by rodents at tree individual level
Bo Wang

Forest fragmentation alters seed-rodent interaction networks: implications for rodent management
Xifu Yang, Chuan Yan, Zhibin Zhang

Lead (Pb) bioconcentration in cestode parasites (Hymenolepis spp.) of rats (Rattus spp.) and their potential as indicator of heavy metal contamination in terrestrial environments
Roman N. Fornesa, Vachel V. Paller

Changes in rodent burrow abundance and distribution in grazing ecosystems of southern Russia under human-induced landscape transformation from the desert to steppe
Elena Surkova, Ludmila Savinetskaya, Natalya Ovchinnikova, Andrey Tchabovsky

The potential of small and medium mammalian carnivores to mediate rodent pest damage in commercial agriculture
Lourens H. Swanepoel, Corrie M. Swanepoel, Mark Keith, Steven R. Belmain, Peter J. Taylor, Reimund P. Rötter , Munir Hoffmann, Sam Williams

Rodents as indicators of the ecological impact of an open-cast iron ore mine in the Northern Cape, South Africa
Nico L. Avenant, Jurie J. Du Plessis, Nico Smit

Rodents and their role in habitats in an tropical Africa context: the case of the DR Congo
Prince K. Kaleme, Jacques M. Mwanga, Benjamin R. Ndara

A valued rodent (Rattus exulans) population assessed for cultural harvest
Deborah J. Wilson, Clive Stone, Hayley Ricardo, Richard Jakob-Hoff, Philip O'B. Lyver, Chris Jones, Priscilla M. Wehi