Response to Human-Induced Changes

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Of city mice and village mice: behavioural adaptations of voles and mice to urban environments
Melanie Dammhahn, Valeria Mazza, Annika Schirmer, Jana A. Eccard

Genetic structure, reproduction and physiology features of the common hamster (Cricetus cricetus) in urban populations
Natalia Yu Feoktistova, Ilya G. Meschersky, Alexey V. Surov

Population recovery of Mus musculus in poultry farms of central Argentina. The role of local and landscape features
Vanina A. León, Jimena Fraschina, Juan S. Guidobono, Regino Cavia, María Busch

Synanthropic rodents of north-east Siberia: changes in rodent population caused by urbanization, agrarian, and industrial development
Elena G. Shadrina, Yakov L. Vol'pert, Innokentiy M. Okhlopkov

Effects of artificial light at night on behavior of two small mammal species
Julia Hoffmann, Jana A. Eccard, Annika Schirmer

Microhabitat use of small non-flying mammals in a lower montane forest fragment in the central Cordillera, Luzon Island, Philippines
Aris Reginaldo, Perry Ong

Where the wild rats go: the relationship between the socioenvironmental gradient and rat abundance in slum communities
Caio G. Zeppelini, Hussein Khalil, Michael Begon, Ticiana Carvalho-Pereira, Ricardo L. Brito, Federico Costa

Peri-urban black rats host a rich assembly of ticks with no clear consequences for rat condition
Henry W. Lydecker, Dieter F. Hochuli, Peter B. Banks