Future Rodent Control Technologies


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Safe assessment of CRISPR-Cas9 gene drive strategies in mice
Chandran Pfitzner, Fatwa Adikusuma, Melissa White, Sandra Piltz, Thomas Prowse, Joshua Ross , Phill Cassey, James Hughes, Paul Thomas

Global trends in the development of rodenticides and new approaches
Charles Eason, Wayne Linklater, Shaun Ogilvie, Lee Shapiro, Helen Blackie

RNAi as the next generation tool for the control of rodent populations
Katherine Horak

Opportunities for using novel genetic control tools for the humane control of overabundant vertebrate pest populations
Tanja Strive, Mark Tizard, Peter R. Brown, Steve Henry, Owain Edwards, Andrew W. Sheppard

Evaluation of selected pesticidal plant extracts for maize (Zea mays L.) protection against Mastomys natalensis (Smith, 1834) in Tanzania
Mashaka E. Mdangi, Benny Borremans, Pilly Sibuga, Loth S. Mulungu

Do avian and terrestrial predators empty self-service traps for common vole (Microtus arvalis)?
Annika Schlötelburg, Alexandra Plekat, Christian Wolff, Sonoko Bellingrath-Kimura, Jens Jacob

Research progresses on the anti-fertility effects of a contraceptive bait of quinestrol and levonogestrel (EP-1)
Ming Liu, Zhibin Zhang