Poster Session 1 - Form and Function


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1 Comparative analysis of some weight and structural parameters for determination of sexual dimorphism in adrenal function of the Libyan jird, Meriones libycus (Lichtenstein, 1823)
Naouel Aknoun-Sail, Arezki Kheddache, Yamina Zatra, Abdelouafi Benmouloud, Farida Khammar, Zaina Amirat

2 Family-specified direction of selection in underground rodents
Olga V. Bondareva, Artem Kasianov, Nataliya Abramson

3 Testicular luteinizing hormone receptor (Lhcgr) mRNA expression correlated to testis and seminal vesicles activities in the Libyan jird (Meriones libycus) in breeding season compared to non breeding season
Radia Boufermes, Mansouria Belhocine, Zaina Amirat, Farida Khammar

4 Huddling conserves energy, decreases core body temperature, but increases activity in Brandt's voles (Lasiopodomys brandtii)
Sukhchuluun Gansukh, Xueying Zhang, Qingsheng Chi, Dehua Wang

5 Stomach anatomy of Praomys taitae
Juha Laakkonen

6 The effects of population bottlenecks on dental variation in arvicoline rodents
Evgenia Markova, Anatoliy Bobretsov, Petr Sibiryakov, Lidia E. Yalkovskaya, Sergey Zykov, Nikolay Smirnov

7 Assessment of the activity of Neural Stem Cells in the postnatal brain of Microtus thomasi
Maria Mellou, Evangelia Andreopoulou, George P. Mitsainas, Ilias Kazanis

8 A study of behavioral and biochemical indicators in brain regions of the vole Microtus thomasi (Rodentia, Arvicolinae), following the induction of epileptic seizures
Konstantina Tetorou, Korina Atsopardi, Sparti Rungo, Nikolaos T. Panagopoulos, George P. Mitsainas, Marigoula Margarity