Poster Session 1 - Population Dynamics


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44 The effect of habitat connectivity on colonisation of forest fragments with rodents
Diana Alexandra Below, Christian Imholt, Hendrik Ennen, Jan Thiele, Patrick Günner,Jens Jacob

45 Recent information on population status of Meriones dahli that is close to extinction in the Middle East
Safak Bulut, Burak Akbaba, Murat Dogan, Kadir Ulusoy, Ahmet Karatas

46 Recent bamboo flowering in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh: anticipating new rodent outbreaks
Nikhil Chakma, Noor Jahan Sarker, Steven R. Belmain, AID-Comilla

47 Trophic niche partitioning by small mammals in forest environments. Influence of food types and availability, measured using stable isotope analysis in hair
Piotr Chibowski, Marcin Brzeziński

48 Population size and distribution of Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus, in the sewer system of Barcelona (Spain)
Sandra Franco, Jordi Pascual, Tomás Montalvo, Rubén Bueno, Fernando Sala, Víctor Peracho

49 Rodent population dynamics: multimodality amplified by climatic fluctuations
Efim Ya. Frisman, Matvey P. Kulakov, Galina P. Neverova

50 Drivers of Microtus arvalis population dynamics : lessons from a 17 year time series
Patrick Giraudoux, Jean-Pierre Quéré, Petra Villette, Jean-Pierre Damange, Pierre Delattre

51 Population dynamics, breeding pattern and home ranges of rodent species in fallow lands of Mukwe Constituency, Kavango-East Region, Namibia
Jackson Kaoti, Seth J. Eiseb, Apia W. Massawe, Joachim Mariën, Steven R. Belmain

52 Estimating the absolute abundance of rodents and their mammalian predators from camera traps in the southern Yukon, Canada
Alice J. Kenney, Charles J. Krebs, Stan Boutin, Petra Villette

53 Regulation of reproduction in Brandt's voles
Xiao-Hui Liu, Dawei Wang, Ning Li, Ying Song

54 Species composition and community structure of small pest rodents (Muridae) in cultivated and fallow fields in maize growing areas in Eastern Uganda
Alex Mayamba, Loth S. Mulungu, Moses Isabirye, David Kifumba, Alice Nakiyemba, Didas N. Kimaro

55 Population fluctuation and breeding patterns of multimammate mouse, Mastomys natalensis (Smith 1834), in maize associated cropping system in Eastern Uganda
Alex Mayamba, Moses Isabirye, David Kifumba, Didas N. Kimaro, Apia W. Massawe, Rhodes H. Makundi, Loth S. Mulungu

56 Probability of bank vole and red vole hybridization in different geographical localities
Olga V. Osipova

57 Development and evaluation of a genome-wide SNP panel for invasive ship rats (Rattus rattus) in New Zealand
Florian Pichlmueller, Klaus Lehnert, James C. Russell

58 Frequency of acorn mast years can act as a potential driver of rodent population and phenotype characteristic
Josef Suchomel, Jan Šipoš, Marta Heroldová

59 Kinship analysis revealed reproductive success skewed toward overwintered Brandt's voles in semi-natural enclosures
Dawei Wang, Yan Chen, Ning Li, Xiangfa Hu, Fei Ren, Weili Hao , Ying Song, Xiao-Hui Liu

60 House mouse population dynamics and impacts on invertebrates in the absence of other mammals
Deborah J. Wilson, Corinne Watts, John G. Innes, Neil B. Fitzgerald, Scott Bartlam, Danny Thornburrow, Vanessa M. Cave

61 Impacts of non-monotonic interactions on population and community dynamics
Chuan Yan, Zhibin Zhang