Poster Session 2 - Conservation and Ecosystem Services


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93 Testing the “density-benefit” relationships for invasive alien species: does black rat density influence their role as pollinators?
Amelia Saul, Charlotte Taylor, Peter B. Banks

94 Habitat preferences of small mammal species distributed in the eastern Black Sea region in Turkey
Safak Bulut, Burak Akbaba, Ahmet Karatas

95 Coarse woody debris in home ranges of bank vole Myodes glareolus
Emilia Kielan, Elżbieta Jancewicz

96 A review of methods for studying the seed-rodent interaction
Hongjun Li, Haifeng Gu, Zhibin Zhang

97 When will beavers build a dam? A study in Belgian lowland
Kristijn Swinnen, Anneleen Rutten, Jan Nyssen, Herwig Leirs

98 The effect of urbanization on the growth indices and parasite infestation of wild brown rats, Rattus norvegicus
Jundong Tian, Linyue Li, Mengzhen Li, Wenjing Li, Zongliang Jiang, Yingshen Zhao, Jiqi Lu

99 Intraspecific pilferage and pilferage avoidance in Sciurotamias davidianus
Zhiyong Wang, Guangchuan Huang, Hongmao Zhang

100 Manipulation of plants based on seed survival rates: complex spatial patterns delay seed retrieval in rodents
Lijie Zhao, Nannan Yao, Yifeng Zhang, Jiqi Lu