Poster Session 2 - Responses to Human-Induced Changes


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101 Searching for signatures of genetic adaptation to climate in bank voles
Remco Folkertsma, Jana A. Eccard, Michael Hofreiter

102 Association of rodents with man-made infrastructures and food waste in urban Singapore
Mahathir Humaidi, Ang Kai Yang, Lee Ching Ng , Grace Yap

103 Personality dependent corridor use in a grassland species
Gabriele Joanna Kowalski, Antje Herde,, Jana A. Eccard

104 Diet shift by livestock grazing shape the gut microbiota composition and co-occurrence networks in a local rodent species
Guoliang Li, Jing Li, Kevin D. Kohl, Baofa Yin, Wanhong Wei, Xinrong Wan, Baoli Zhu, Zhibin Zhang

105 Small mammal richness and diversity in the changing landscape of central Italy
Chiara Paniccia, Duccio Rocchini, Ludovico Frate, Mirko Di Febbraro, Steffen Mumme, Anna Loy

106 Multiple paternity in common hamster (Cricetus cricetus) from urban and suburban population
Ekaterina V. Potashnikova, Aleksandra S. Saian