Next Generation Complex Genome Assembly


  • Kobi Baruch NRGene, Energin R. Technologies
  • Omer Barad NRGene, Energin R. Technologies
  • Gil Ben Zvi NRGene, Energin R. Technologies
  • Gil Ronen



Whole genome assembly boosts the discovery of genes and pathways involved in the key metabolites produced in medicinal plants. Many medicinal plants possess large, polyploid and/or heterozygote genomes, thus denovo assembly of these genomes poses a significant challenge both algorithmically and economically. DeNovoMAGIC-2 assembler has successfully reconstructed some of the largest most repetitive, polyploid and heterozygote plant genomes. Using only high coverage of short Illumina reads, DeNovoMAGIC-2 has assembled over 90 % of the genome sequence of the 16 Gb, hexaploid wheat and the 1 Gb, tetraploid and heterozygote mango genome, with N50 of ~7 Mb and ~1 Mb respectively. Assemblies were completed in 14 and 2 days using 1 Tb and 0.512 Tb RAM computers, respectively. BUSCO analysis revealed full intact gene content for over 90 % of the genome, with clear phasing of allelic and paralog genes. Similar employment of DeNovoMAGIC-2 is expected to reconstruct the genome sequences of many medicinal plants, boosting our basic understanding of metabolite production and accumulation, towards industrializing medicine production from plants.






Session A: Next generation methods and chances for medicinal and aromatic plants