Resorption, mobilization and accumulation of metals in different parts of Vitis vinifera L.


  • N. Karavin Amasya University, Health Science Faculty, Nursing Department, Amasya, Turkey
  • İ. Batın Grand Student from Amasya University, Arts and Science Faculty, Biology Department, Amasya, Turkey



metal; mobilization; accumulation; resorption; Vitis vinifera


This study aimed to determine the variation in metal resorption, mobilization and accumulation in various parts of Vitis vinifera L. In contrast to N and P, the metal resorption is undesirable for plants. Root, stem, tendril, leaf and fruit samples were collected in green and senescence periods. Metal concentrations were determined by ICP-OES. Resorption efficiency and proficiency values of metals were calculated. Results showed Cr toxicity in organs of Vitis vinifera. All the metals mobilized among organs. Except Mn and Pb, resorption occurred for metals in various organs. Results indicated that metals were resorbed from various organs and accumulated in other plant tissues, especially in roots and leaves. Mn and Pb weren't reabsorbed from any organ and tended to accumulate especially in leaves. Due to leaf abscission, high metal content in senescent leaves is good for growth of V. vinifera and harmful for sustainability of soil and ecosystems.