The annual growth cycle of grapevines in Southern Finland

  • J. Karvonen
Keywords: Nordic grape growing, growing season, sunshine hours, temperature sum


The aim of this study was to investigate whether grape growing is possible in the southernmost areas of Finland, in the Helsinki-Vantaa area (Tuusula parish, lat. 60°24ʹ10ʹʹN, long. 25°25ʹ45ʹʹE). The annual growing cycle of grapevines, with some climate parameters, was monitored over ten years (2002-2011). The growth cycle of grapevines from bud break to harvest was 138 (± 9) days, the growing season 198(±18) days, the temperature sum 1608 (± 131) °C days (GDD, basic + 5 °C) and 794 (± 121) °C days (basic +10 °C), the number of sunshine hours 1447 (± 117) h, and the solar energy 2904 (± 127) MJ/m². Dependence was calculated between some essential growth factors by statistical analyses. According to the results it can be concluded that, under existing weather conditions, grape growing is possible in southernmost Finland, although it will be necessary to find or further develop varieties adapted to the northern cool climate and to identify regions with an optimal microclimate for growing grapes.