First observations of the microvine development under 100 % LED (light emitting diodes) illumination

  • M. Rienth
  • M. Dauzat
  • A. Pellegrino
  • G. Lopez
  • L. Torregrosa
  • C. Romieu
Keywords: grapevine developmen, growth chamber, rapid cycling vines, , microvine, light emitting diodes (LED)


In order to reduce energy waste for artificial lights and subsequent air conditioning in plant growth chambers, the aim of this preliminary study was to evaluate the feasibility of growing the microvine under 100 % of LED illumination. Plant growth under two different LED lights was compared amongst each other and with plants maintained in greenhouse conditions. Regarding the impact on the reproductive and vegetative systems, the study showed that LED light is suitable to grow microvines in confined environments. Plants exposed to LED light exhibited similar leaf emergence rate but reduced vegetative and reproductive organ size compared to plants grown in the greenhouse. Photosynthesis for plants exposed to LED light was higher than what is usually observed on grapevine under natural conditions.