Genetic characterization and relationships of traditional grape cultivars from Serbia

  • Z. Bešlić
  • S. Todić
  • N. Korać
  • S. Lorenzi
  • F. Emmanuelli
  • M. S. Grando
Keywords: Vitis vinifera, molecular markers, SSR, genetic relationships, Balkan region


Reference genetic profiles were generated for 12 traditional grapevine cultivars of Serbia through a genotyping approach that included the "core set" of 9 SSR markers for genetic identification and further 13 common microsatellites for strengthening genetic relationship analysis. Consistent matching with SSR markers of grapevines cultivated in neighbouring countries or maintained in European germplasm collections was found for most of the genotypes, suggesting possible synonyms and revealing that 'Muskat Krokan' corresponds to 'Muscat fleur d’Oranger' and two 'Tamjanika' cultivars are identical to 'Moscato Giallo' and 'Moscato Rosa'. When compared with germplasm representing the classical eco-geographic grouping of grapevine cultivars, Serbian non-Muscat genotypes clustered within the Convar pontica subconvar balcanica taxon thus supporting their indigenous origin.