KHT cold stabilization: A scanning electron microscopy study of the formation of surface deposits on stainless steel in model wines

  • L. Boulangé-Petermann
  • A. Vernhet
  • K. Dupré
  • M. Moutounet
Keywords: KHT crystal, cold stabilization, yeast, inhibition, polysaccharides, polyphenols


The incidence of yeast cells and wine polysaccharides and polyphenols in the formation of adherent KHT crystals on stainless steel surfaces during cold stabilization was investigated by scanning electron microscopy. Additives were responsible for differences in the deposit configuration, the crystal shape and size as well as in the KHT crystallization kinetics.

Yeast cells act as heterogeneous primary nucleation germs for KHT crystal formation. Colloids from wines interacted with KHT crystal faces and affected growth. It was confirmed that polyphenols strongly inhibit the crystallization and result in small crystals with a unidimensional growth. In contrast, with polyphenols, cubic crystals were obtained when wine polysaccharides were associated with yeast cells.