A simple model for simulation of growth and development in grapevine (<i>Vitis vinifera</i> L.). 2. Model validation

  • M. Bindi
  • F. Miglietta
  • B. Gozzini
  • S. Orlandini
  • L. Seghi
Keywords: simulation model, cv. Sangiovese, cv. Cabernet Sauvignon, growth, validation, application


A simple model for the simulation of growth and development of Sangiovese vines has been presented in a previous paper. In this paper the model is validated to examine whether the description of the physiological relationships in the model describe the growth of grapevine (cv. Sangiovese) realistically. Furthermore, the model was adapted and validated for the simulation of growth of another cultivar (cv. Cabernet Sauvignon). Comparisons of simulated and experimental data for both cultivars reveal that the model made good predictions of vine growth for the whole growing season.