A chemotaxonomic investigation on <i>Vitis vinifera</i> L. 3. Characterization of <i>Vitis</i> biotypes via root apex proteins

  • G. Tedesco
  • P. Villa
  • L. Valenti
  • Elena Sala
  • A. Scienza
Keywords: root apex proteins, isoelectric focusing, enzyme, chemotaxonomy


Soluble proteins from root tips were used as biochemical markers to study, taxonomically and systematically, Vitis biotypes. Analyses of total proteins in the pH range 3.5-10 and of the enzymes AcP, ADH, EST, PGM and POD indicate that only in the case of proteins and AcP the staining intensity of all samples and the variation of band pattern is taxonomically informative. A comparison between seed storage proteins and root tip proteins and an automatic data acquisition system is included.