Genetic improvement for crossbreeding in table grape varieties

  • S. Cancellier
  • A. Calo
  • A. Costacurta
Keywords: table grape, variety of vine, Italy, breeding, heritability, berry, bunch, maturation, seedlessness, glucose, fructose


Genetic improvement by crossbreeding of table grape varieties was realized at the Istituto Sperimentale per la Viticoltura for the achievement of the following main targets: early species, seedless species, species with high content of fructose in grapes and, at the same time, a research concerning the hereditary transmission of these features.
The results are the followings:
  • Registration in the National Catalogue of the varieties of 4 new table grape varieties that are interesting for their ripening (IC. 199, LC. 218, IC. 120, IC. 213).
  • Information concerning the heritability of earliness, average weight of grape and bunch for the varieties examined.
  • Achievement of varieties that have a ratio between the two monosaccharides considerably tending towards fructose. This feature remains constant throughout the years.
Section 1: Genetic resources, evaluation and screening