Variability of must acidity in self pollinated Chardonnay progeny

  • P. Villa
  • A. Scienza
  • F. Romano
  • S. Stefini
Keywords: self-pollination, seedling, selection, biometry, analysis, morphology, shoot, leaf, bunch, must quality, acidity


From a total of 2,200 seedlings, obtained by self-pollination of cv. Chardonnay clone SMA 130, 250 plants were chosen and grown in a hot microclimate area. During 1986-88, morphological traits of shoot tip, leaf and bunch, as well as juice quality (sugars, pH, titratable acidity, malic and tartaric acid) were evaluated. A wide variability of the acid characteristics was noticed in the offspring. There was a significant positive correlation between total acidity and bunch size. Tartaric acid concentration was highest in medium-size bunches. A highly significant negative correlation was found between tartaric acid concentration and berry volume. More acid juice was also obtained from grapevines with a narrower apex.
Section 1: Genetic resources, evaluation and screening