Study of phenotypic variation by analysing data gathered together by OIV on new varieties of table grapes


  • R. Wagner



table grape, variety of vine, variation, ecology, phenotype, seedlessness, muscat flavour, early maturity, biometry, analysis, breeding


If we consider progenies of seedless, muscat or early cultivar (SME cv.), they may be prone to show some differences in their distribution for phenologic or cultural characteristics, when compared to more common varieties (control cv.). Data gathered together by O.I.V. on 190 new table grape cultivars originating from 37 different breeding stations was used to test this hypothesis. Only the most objective characteristics (for instance: berry weight) were chosen, so as to reduce observer's influence on cv. descriptions. Differences between SME and control cvs could be shown in mean, variance and/or distribution analysis for some characteristics. In comparison, no significant change appeared for the same features between black versus white cvs. These provisional results have to be confirmed by experimental studies, but the tendencies shown may still be of interest in breeding work






Section 2: Genetic improvement of grapevine form or function