Potassium partitioning between leaves and clusters: Role of rootstock

  • O. Failla
  • A. Scienza
  • G. Stringari
  • M. Falcetti
Keywords: potassium, nutrition, translocation, rootstock, scion, leaf, bunch, growth, yield, must quality, biometry


Different scion/rootstock combinations in grapevine (Vitis vinifera/Vitis spp.) were tested for nutritional properties and juice composition. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon each grafted on 22 rootstock varieties (10 new crosses and 12 already used in viticulture) were grown in outdoor pots containing very poor nutritional substrate.
Crop load had a strong effect on juice composition and potassium nutrition. Results indicate that under our experimental conditions rootstock can have an effect on potassium partitioning between leaves and cluster 9 out of 22 rootstocks that we tried were able to improve leaf potassium content without inducing a significant increase in juice potassium content
Section 2: Genetic improvement of grapevine form or function