Grape breeding in China

  • Luo Fangmei
  • Zhang Fengqin
Keywords: breeding, variety of vine, Vitis amurensis, China, wine grape, table grape, juice, yield, must quality, maturation, frost resistance, disease resistance, salt resistance, ecology


The paper introduces the achievements of grape breeding in China since 1950. So far, around 50 new varieties and many new lines of grape have been produced. Some new varieties are cold resistant, disease resistant with high yield and are suitable for making wine. Some are early maturing with large, seedless berries. Some are suitable for the climate of high humidity and for cultivation in rainy areas of southern China. Some bear large clusters and berries of beautiful appearance and are of high yield and quality. Some are suitable for canning and making juice.
Section 2: Genetic improvement of grapevine form or function