The genetics of resistance to grapevine fanleaf virus in <i>Vitis vinifera</i>

  • M. A. Walker
  • C. P. Meredith
Keywords: fanleaf, GFV, resistance, genetics, crossing, selection, micrografting, serology, ELISA


Two wild Vitis vinifera accessions from the Middle East previously found to be resistant to grapevine fanleaf virus (GFV) were selfed and also crossed to a GFV-susceptible female cultivar. Five seedling populations of 60 plants each were established. A micrografting procedure was developed for screening the seedlings whereby single-node seedling stem segments were cleft-grafted go GFV-infected stocks in vitro. After 8 weeks, scion tissue was scored phenotypically and assayed by ELISA to measure virus titer. Resistance to GFV appears to segregate as a recessive trait controlled by at least two genes.
Section 3: Resistance/tolerance to pests and diseases