Influence of the rootstock and potassium fertilizer on phytoalexin synthesis in Pinot blanc grown in a calcareous soil

  • L. Bavaresco
  • M. Zamboni
Keywords: rootstock, potassium, nutrition, lime, soil, phytoalexin, resveratrol, chlorophyll, mineral, Botrytis, resistance


Plants of cv. Pinot blanc, grafted on Vitis berlandieri x V. riparia Kober 5 BB, V. berlandieri x V. riparia SO 4, V. berlandieri x V. rupestris 1103 P, were grown in pots at two levels of potassium supply (0 g K2O/pot and 2 g K2O/pot) in order to test the phytoalexin synthesis in the leaves.
The experimental plan included also the macronutrient, trace element and chlorophyll contents of the leaves.
The most important findings are:
a) Resveratrol synthesis decreases from Kober 5 BB to SO 4 and 1103 P, while leaf chlorophyll content increases.
b) Resveratrol synthesis is higher in the plants without potassium supply.
Section 3: Resistance/tolerance to pests and diseases