Selected hybrids of the wine grape variety Seibel 5279

  • J. Füri
  • E. Visontai
Keywords: hybrid, breeding, Hungary, resistance, cold, plasmopara, oidium, botrytis


In the resistance breeding programme of our Institute, which was begun after World War II, the French resistant hybrids Seyve Villard and Seibel, both of which resulted from crosses involving American species, were used for resistance sources.
In the resistance breeding programme at Kecskemet, the variety Seibel 5279 was used first as a male parent to transfer resistance.
From the resulting hybrid families the variety candidates RF 5 (Reflex), RF 16 (Refren) and RF 48 (Reform) were selected because of their valuable characters. Data collected over several years demonstrate the value of these selections from both a breeding and production point of view.
This generation represents the first step in the breeding programme and the results encourage us to continue our work.
Section 3: Resistance/tolerance to pests and diseases