Winter frost resistance of grapevine varieties belonging to different ecological and geographical groups

  • D. Zunic
  • L. Avramov
  • N. Todorovic
Keywords: cold resistance, winter frost, bud, variety of vine, convarietas, location, year, climate, Yugoslavia


The influence of frost temperatures on survival of the buds was investigated in situ during 3 winters. The behavior of 375 grapevine varieties belonging to different ecological-geographical groups was studied at 3 locations.

The rate of buds killed by frost ranged from 5.4 to 100%. The varieties of the group convar. occiclentalis exhibited the greatest frost resistance of buds during 3 winters with very low temperatures. In this group the percentage of killed buds was significantly lower than in the group convar. pontica and much less than in the group convar. orientalis.
Section 4: Resistance/tolerance to abiotic stress factors