The effect of fertilizers on different wine grape varieties in model container trials


  • J. André
  • E. Hajdu



fertilizing, soil, nutrient, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, leaf, wood, berry, yield, must quality, cold hardiness, variety of vine, Hungary


Nutrient supply trials were carried out in model container trials with sandy soils adjusted to low and high nutrient levels (P, K, Mg) for 16 varieties with 5 replications as determined from the averages of years and varieties.
The utilization of high nutrient supply in the soil can be summed up as follows:
  • Analysis data revealed an increase of P in the leaf and wood but there was no change in the grape. Potassium level increased in the leaf and wood but remained unchanged in the grape. Magnesium level increased in the leaf and wood and also in the grape.
  • Of the production indices an increase was observed in the green mass, wood mass, grape number and grape weight but a decrease in mean grape weight and in the sugar and acid content of the must.
  • Winterhardiness increased slightly.
It was evident that some varieties differed considerably from the varietal mean in the evaluated parameters.






Section 4: Resistance/tolerance to abiotic stress factors