Influence of drought stress on shoot, leaf growth, leaf water potential, stomatal resistance in wine grape genotypes (<i>Vitis vinifera</i> L.)


  • G. Fanizza
  • L. Ricciardi



drought, resistance, shoot, leaf, growth, hydration, analysis, statistics, test, selection, variety of vine, Italy


Most physiological and morphological tests suggested in the literature for drought resistance are too sophisticated, time-consuming and sometimes unreliable. Quantitative data have indicated that plant growth is very sensitive to water stress. Therefore the elongation rate of shoot and leaf characters (petiole, lamina), which are simple parameters to measure, and leaf water potential and stomatal resistance were determined on 5 sampling dates under water stress and non-stress conditions in different wine grape varieties (Vitis vinifera). The leaf water potential and stomatal resistance show very little variability as well as low correlation in the wine grape varieties considered. On the contrary, the weekly elongation rate of shoot and leaf characters (petiole, lamina) shows high variability and highly significant correlations. Thus some of these morphological characters (lamina and shoot elongation) might be used as test in the early phase (at seedling stage) of a breeding selection program for drought resistance in Vitis.






Section 4: Resistance/tolerance to abiotic stress factors