High frequency regeneration from grapevine petioles: Extension to new genotypes

  • B. I. Reisch
  • M. H. Martens
  • Z. M. Cheng
Keywords: tissue culture, petiole, genotype, growth regulator, organogenesis, regeneration


Auxins were found to enhance shoot organogenesis when used in a high cytokinin medium at low levels. This enhancement was genotype specific. In the presence of 10.0 µM BA, Vanessa regenerated best with the inclusion of 4.0 µM IAA-dl-aspartate, while Catawba regenerated best with 2.0 µM IAA-glycine in the medium. With Ravat 51, 14-15% of explants regenerated in the presence of either 2.0 µM IAA-glycine or 4.0 µM IAA-dl-aspartate, whereas there was no regeneration in the absence of auxin. Tests with 0.0-8.0 µM TDZ as a cytokinin source indicated that petiole explants of Vanessa regenerate best (10%) at 4.0 µM TDZ. Our results clearly show that high cytokinin media can be easily extended to petiole explants of other genotypes to facilitate shoot organogenesis and that low levels of auxins, especially IAA conjugates can enhance the level of regeneration.
Section 5: Tissue and cell culture