Isolation and culture of grapevine protoplasts

  • G. Reustle
  • G. Alleweldt
Keywords: protoplast, isolation, variety of vine, leaf, shoot, root, in vitro culture, methodology, cell division, cell wall formation, yield, viability, callus regeneration


Methods were established for isolation of protoplasts from different organs and tissues of grapevine plants grown in vitro. Cell division could not be induced in protoplasts from leaves, shoot tips and petioles of cv. Optima, whereas stein and root protoplasts showed division activity. Protoplasts derived from stems continued developing and formed microcalli and call. In experiments using stem protoplasts of several varieties, root and stem protoplasts divided in all cases; stem protoplasts of 4 varieties (Riesling, Kemer, Optima, Vidal) could be regenerated to callus. In leaf protoplasts, cell division could be induced only in case of cvs Vidal and Rupestris du Lot, however without formation of callus.
Section 5: Tissue and cell culture