Selection advance and environmental variance in clonal selection of the wine grape variety Kovidinka

  • Edit Hajdu
Keywords: variety of vine, Hungary, clone, selection, performance, modificability, mutation, genetics


The wine grape variety Kovidinka has been cultivated in Hungary for centuries. Clones were obtained using the 4-step method of NeMETH and some clones showed considerable selection advance. The performance of 2nd vegetative progenies of the selected clones were evaluated over 7 years (1981-1988) based on the following characters:
    growth vigour of the stock           tendril atrophy
    fertility of buds                           millerandage
    grape yield                                 berry rot
    mean grape weight                      sugar and acid content of the must
Mathematical evaluations of the characters can give useful information as to the performance of the clone stocks. In the years of the study, large environmental variation was observed in the tested characters. At the same time, the slight environmental variation found in some individuals indicated their genetic stability. They will be selected and propagated as sub-clones in the future.
Section 6: Clonal selection