Clonal selection of rootstocks by means of determination of hard bast layers

  • V. Palenik
  • D. Pospisilova
  • A. Hamadejova
Keywords: rootstock, clone, selection, wood, maturity, lignification, hard bast, sclerenchyma, phloem


Determination of the number of closed circles of hard bast plates on matured shoot cuttings, which is used for wood maturity control, was applied as selection method to four rootstocks: Vitis berlandieri x V. riparia Kober 5 BB, Teleki 5 C, Craciunel 2 and V. riparia x V. rupestris Schwarzmann. For each selected vine stock the linear regression of wood maturity was calculated, considering the distance from the base of the cane. From the linear regression equation the average length of the matured wood part was calculated for each stock
The results of 3-year investigations show that the degree of rootstock wood maturity is not only dependent on the meteorological conditions of the years but is also genetically conditioned.
Section 6: Clonal selection