Brief ampelographic characterization of indigenous grapevine cultivars subjected to clonal selection in Turkey

  • Y. S. Agaoglu
  • H. Çelik
  • E. Gökçay
Keywords: selection, clone, variety of vine, table grape, wine grape, raisin, Turkey, ampelography, fruit, growth, yield, maturation


A unique national clonal selection programme is still being conducted on 24 indigenous table (15 white, 6 black, 3 red), 16 wine (7 white, 9 red) and 4 raisin (2 white seedless, 2 white seeded) grape cultivars in 9 agricultural regions of Turkey. As the results of this programme, 127 candidate clones belonging to 13 cultivars have been selected
This paper also includes a brief ampelographic description of the indigenous Turkish grape cultivars subjected to clonal selection, based mainly on fruit characteristics, growth, productivity and ripening periods in their primary locations.
Section 6: Clonal selection