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picture_of_trifolium_pratense Chemical properties and protective effect of Rosmarinus officinalis: mitigation of lipid peroxidation and DNA-damage from arsenic exposure
G.J. Farias et al.
Image: Flowering rosmary by Thor (CC BY 2.0)

Recent studies have implicated dietary factors in the cause and prevention of important diseases, with strong evidence that plant’s compounds can protect against these diseases. Moreover, food security and environmental contamination are topics in focus at the moment. In this view, contamination by arsenic (As) has received much attention as well as some spices with medicinal properties. Among these plants, the use of Rosmarinus officinalis L. has demonstrated antioxidant properties besides being used for circulatory disorders. Therefore, we measured the mitotic index of Allium cepa L. and characterized the antioxidant effects to determine the capacity of R. officinalis to ameliorate arsenic-induced DNA damages. R. officinalis extract showed no mutagenic effects and exhibited ... read more of this article

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